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Today, people often want to be rich – cash beyond their wildest dreams. Is that true happiness? It isn’t. Each day a lot of wealthy individuals and a lot of average individuals pass through my office. There isn’t any correlation between net worth and overall happiness. Balance is something you may want to consider as it relates to happiness. Perhaps having a true balance between a happy self, great family and personal lives and a comfortable fiscal state will bring more happiness. Our country is so wound up with money that the essence of happiness has been shifted – people are chasing their tails.

The dollar is just a tool – it allows you to get something – a service or a product. You cannot use it to buy happiness, fitness, family or health. Many people wish for more money – my theory is if you want more of something give it away. Read that again. Yes, if you want more of something, give it away. In fact giving away some money can help you heal. It is often more rewarding to help someone else rather than helping yourself. In that situation everyone wins. If you want more money donate some of yours to your church or synagogue or any other organization close to your heart. It’ll come back to you manyfold. If you want help then give help to others. If you want love you’ll need to give away that same thing. Love is indeed the thing that makes the world go round – not money or cars or clothes or the mall – love. When was the last time you told your spouse/parent/child/partner that you love them? Go give them a big hug – now. Leo Buscaglia always gives hugs – can you ever have too many? NO!!! A good balance in your financial life may combine earning, spending and donating your resources. Too much emphasis in any direction can hurt you – if you spend every nickel you make you’re broke – if you save it all you’re miserable and if you give it all away you can’t live – but a healthy balance makes a wonderful life.

Money can be used for good or evil – it has been used by a few greedy dictators to hurt, kill, oppress, scare and control populations. It has been used by countless wonderful people to help, cure, heal, save, protect and grow most of the planet. What is your relationship with money? Are you happy with what you have? When will enough be enough? Are you saving enough? Are you giving enough away? Do you have a stewardship plan that makes you feel warm inside or is it painfully lacking? If there is wealth or a business in your family is there a plan in place to develop the family members to ultimately take on the responsibility such wealth comes with? Do you have a plan to help the community, to further the cause in the next generation?

Much of what we do here is to help with the physiological aspect of dealing with finances. What makes us different isn’t that we have a better understanding of the markets or finance than other firms. We just know how to listen well and ask good questions so you can communicate what is really important to you –so we can help you reach your goals and make your plans, hopes and dreams come true.

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