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In this video, Mike discusses investing in different markets, and talks about what type of things you should invest in, and which you shouldn’t.
In this video, Mike discusses the labor market in relation to people in college, working people, and the flexibility requirements of the labor market in relation to the job market overall. He also talks about the stock market in relation to emerging jobs.
In this video, Mike discusses interest rates in relation to the economy. He discusses the federal interest rate changes, and what they mean.
In this video, Mike discusses changing stock markets in relation to tech giants, and how the companies are valued in relation to growth, stock prices, and revenue. He talks about Twitter’s Jack Dorsey giving away 1/3rd of his stock in the company to his employees, and what that means for the market, and for Twitter.
In this video, Mike discusses federal asset inflation in relation to home ownership and sales, and what the average homeowner should do: sell, buy, or keep. He talks about the economy’s role in this, debt, loans, and more. They also talk about millennials not buying homes as much, and how homes can or cannot make you money.
In this video, Mike discusses stretching your dollar, and ways to save your limited money. He talks about ways to lower your bills you have, such as your TV bills, electric bills, and others. He also suggests to reevaluate how much of what you are spending is on things that you actually need, and how much is on things that you don’t.
In this video, Mike discusses ways to find a great deal on various items, such as seasonal items like snow blowers being significantly cheaper in the spring months, but beach-based items, furniture, and mattresses being significantly more as summer approaches.
In this video, Mike discusses Trump’s new presidency in relation to Wall Street, and the market. He talks about the ways that Trump will change money, the market, and debt. He discusses advice for the average investor, and people worried about their personal financial assets.
In this video, Mike discusses various stock market changes, and potential future trends. He also discusses the stock market “buying dip” and historical trends.
In this video, Mike discusses recent stock market changes, and what this means for the consumer. He tries to reduce people’s potential panic or worry about the future. He explains possible reasons behind the market’s fluctuations, and justifies them.
In this video, Mike discusses recent stock prices plummeting, and explains possible reasons for why this happened, such as how it hasn’t in a very long time, and often does a few times a year, but less dramatically. He also reassures people to not worry, be cautious, and that the market prices will go back up.
This video depicts the outlook of the market in 2014, what we can expect to see, and what is a more realistic approach to take on the market in the upcoming months.
A video from Fox Business including CEO and Founder of Chadwick Financial Advisors Mike Chadwick talking about how to beware of market bubbles in today’s economy.
This video talks about what the stock market is looking like and how it will change in the near future.
This video talks about the importance of making a succession plan for your business, featured on the Wall Street Journal.

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