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Can I withdraw money from my account in the event of financial hardship?

Hardship distributions. You may withdraw money for financial hardship if you satisfy certain conditions. This hardship distribution is not in addition to your other benefits and will therefore reduce the value of the benefits you will receive at retirement.

Qualifying expenses. A hardship distribution may be made to satisfy certain immediate and heavy financial needs that you may have. A hardship distribution may only be made for payment of the following:

  • Expenses for medical care previously incurred by you, your spouse, your dependents or your beneficiaries or necessary for you, your spouse, your dependents or your beneficiaries to obtain medical care.
  • Costs directly related to the purchase of your principal residence (excluding mortgage payments).
  • Tuition, related educational fees, and room and board expenses for the next twelve (12) months of post-secondary education for yourself, your spouse, your dependents or your beneficiaries.
  • Amounts necessary to prevent your eviction from your principal residence or foreclosure on the mortgage of your principal residence.
  • Payments for burial or funeral expenses for your deceased parent, spouse, children, other dependents or beneficiaries.
  • Expenses for the repair of damage to your principal residence that would qualify for the casualty deduction under the Internal Revenue Code.

Conditions. If you have any of the above expenses, a hardship distribution can only be made if you certify and agree that all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The distribution is not in excess of the amount of your immediate and heavy financial need. The amount of your immediate and heavy financial need may include any amounts necessary to pay any federal, state, or local income taxes or penalties reasonably anticipated to result from the distribution;
  • You have obtained all distributions, other than hardship distributions, and all nontaxable loans currently available under all plans that your Employer maintains; and
  • That your salary deferrals will be suspended for at least six (6) months after your receipt of the hardship distribution.

Account restrictions. You may request a hardship distribution only from the vested portion of the following accounts:

  • Salary deferral accounts
In addition, there are restrictions placed on hardship distributions which are made from certain accounts. These accounts are the ones set up to receive your salary deferral contributions and other Employer contributions which are used to satisfy special rules that apply to 401(k) plans (such as safe harbor contributions). Generally, the only amounts that can be distributed to you on account of a hardship from these accounts are your salary deferrals. The earnings on your salary deferrals and special Employer contributions may not be distributed to you on account of a hardship.
In the event you receive a hardship distribution, you will not be allowed to make salary deferrals for a period of six (6) months after you receive the distribution.
Withdrawals may be subject to a possible 10% penalty if participant is under the age of 59 ½.

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